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We Do

  • VERA is a Virtual Receptionist for small- and medium-sized businesses.
  • When you sign up, you’ll receive a virtual number (beginning with 087, etc.)
  • Configure your number for incoming calls via the web portal, in real time.
  • VERA allows you to record your own, professional greetings.
  • Use VERA to set greetings and create departments or extensions.
  • VERA, the auto receptionist, uses the input from your callers and forwards the call to your mobile or landline number right away.
  • Your virtual number can also receive messages when you are busy.
  • All information that VERA needs is stored on the cloud.
  • Additionally, with VERA, no agent is required.

Our Services

Virtual Number

Use your virtual number (087, etc.) as your business number or to divert existing business or mobile numbers.


Set your greetings and announcements.


Set extensions.


Get business calls on any number around the world.


Why Use Our Virtual Receptionist?

  • Use any local number or your own existing number
  • Receive call forwarding to local mobile numbers
  • Receive your voicemail messages via email
  • No hardware or software is required
  • The web portal makes configuration of your phone system quick and simple
  • VERA is easy to manage and use
  • VERA provides your business with the professional feel of a large business

Other Business Benefits

  • Don’t miss any business opportunities while you are out of the office, travelling or vacationing. Additionally, remove the risk of losing after-hours customers.
  • The entire system is streamlined for seamless use.
  • Give your business an established look with professional greetings and options by letting your callers feel as if they are contacting a large, well-established business.
  • Convert more leads to sales, as you are essentially always available to take calls.
  • VERA provides you with a personalised online phonebook, automatically saving every number that calls your business. All contact information is always safe and secure, and easily accessible from your mobile or computer.

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