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VERA acts as a virtual receptionist and is available throughout the UK and South Africa currently with the US, Canada and other European countries to follow shortly.

Owned by Yuave who are a Nokia spin-off company and the winner of the Global Telecom Business Innovation Award for a Cloud Communication platform, they have a presence across 20 countries worldwide.

The platform of choice for SMEs, start-ups and service companies, growth has been fuelled by long term partnerships with some of the world’s leading network and telecoms specialists including MTN, Nokia, GSMA and BICS.

Our Services

What you get when you choose VERA:

Unique and permanent phone number

Choose one to suit your business; local, national or international.

Virtual receptionist 24/7

Bespoke to suit your company using a professionally recorded voice.

Calls forwarded

Never miss a call. Get it redirected to mobile or alternative landline.

Schedule calls

You choose where and when you want to take your calls.

App for outbound calls

Providing a second line from your mobile using your VERA number.

Virtual office

Why rent when you can get local numbers redirected to your VERA line?

Redirect calls easily

When you’re busy, redirect calls via the app.

Messages via text/email

VERA transcribes your voice messaged to email or text.

Record calls

You choose which calls you save.

With so many amazing features including live support and more, we are perfectly suited to match every one of your business needs.


There are so many reasons to choose VERA as it brings with it so many benefits. VERA will:

  • Handle all incoming calls
  • Greet customers with a professional, studio quality voice
  • Divert calls to the appropriate person(s) or departments
  • Project a professional big company image
  • Work 24/7, putting your business on autopilot when away
  • Forward calls to mobiles and landlines, ensuring a call is never missed
  • Send voice message directly to email inboxes
  • Send automatic acknowledgments and confirmation SMS back to a customer
  • Be extremely easy to set up via web interface
  • Be ideal for distributed companies
  • Enable your business to make its phone number its identity
  • Provides you with a personalised online phonebook, automatically saving every number that calls

Other Business Benefits

  • Don’t miss any business opportunities while you are out of the office, travelling or vacationing. Additionally, remove the risk of losing after-hours customers.
  • The entire system is streamlined for seamless use.
  • Give your business an established look with professional greetings and options by letting your callers feel as if they are contacting a large, well-established business.
  • Convert more leads to sales, as you are essentially always available to take calls.
  • VERA provides you with a personalised online phonebook, automatically saving every number that calls your business. All contact information is always safe and secure, and easily accessible from your mobile or computer.

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